Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cannot access Gmail & YahooMail on Ubuntu 10.04

Earlier, I cannot check my emails through Gmail and YahooMail. I tried a few things, but still this issue didn't solved. Today, I googled again, trying to find some other clues, and yes... I managed to get this issues solved.

I can now check my emails on Gmail and YahooMail, and I can also logged in into Facebook. Just before all this things happened, I read somewhere, that someone suggested to disable all Firefox's addons installed, and then test to enable one by one those addons back. I really did it. I finished tested all those addons, all enabled as earlier, and the best thing is I can still check my emails. Emm... don't know what happened.

To confirm everything is okay, I restarted my PC, and still I can logged in happily to those 3 websites. :)

Hooray !!

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