Saturday, December 3, 2011

Solution for Exaile playback error in Mint 12

Recently, I installed the latest version of Mint which is 12, called Lisa. I've done quite many customizations, trying to get it to suit my needs. It's default MP3 player is Banshee, but there was a problem,  where my machine had froze a few times while playing the MP3 songs. So, I looked for another player and I chose Exaile.

Today, I played my MP3 files using Exaile, but after a while the play stopped. I tried again to play another songs, but the same below error happened again. I looked for solution over the internet and I found a solution in Ubuntuforums.

The steps to solve this error are:

  1. open folder ~/.gstreamer-0.10
  2. remove or rename the registry.x86_64.bin
  3. Open your music player, in my case Exaile.
  4. System will regenerate the registry file and correctly use the aac plugin.
It's been about 2 hours, and there is no more error. :)

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